Lucas Stadium Railing Replaced

Officials at  in Indianapolis report the railing that collapsed, leaving two fans injured, during a Sept. 8 NFL game has been replaced and all others inspected.

Photo: AP Photo/ Doug McSchooler
Emergency personnel treat two men who fell when a railing they were leaning on collapsed at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis Sept. 8 at the end of a game between the Indianapolis Colts and Oakland Raiders.

The work was completed in preparation for the Indianapolis Colts vs. Miami Dolphins game Sept. 15.

“We feel confident that we’ve gone through and it is safe,” said Barney Levengood, executive director of the stadium and Indiana Convention Center. “We have looked at every nut, every bolt, every piece and we feel that along with that and the awareness of our patrons, we will have a safe environment.”

Witnesses at the Sept. 8 game against the Raiders said the railing the two men were leaning against appeared wobbly before coming loose, causing the men to fall.

One man was treated at the stadium and released.

The second man was treated at the venue, then transported to a nearby hospital.