Pepper Spray Stunts Saskatoon Show

Pepper spray was used to break up a fight during a nightclub concert in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, leaving some concertgoers gasping for air and one person in critical condition.

An opening act for rapper Joey Stylez was performing at the city’s Rock Bottom Bar Dec. 15 when “chaos broke loose” and the club was doused with pepper spray, according to Metro Saskatoon.

The opening act was Skye Stoney, who pleaded guilty to shooting a man in 2008 and spent 22 months in jail, according to CBC News.

Headliner Joey Stylez told the paper he’s since removed Stoney from his tour and said he doesn’t plan to return to the city in the future.

“My shows are supposed to be for everyone to celebrate life and have a good time, where everyone is able to laugh and listen to good music – it’s entertainment,” Stylez said. “But it’s not entertaining when you have to be worried about if someone is going to attack everybody.”

One man was hospitalized with life-threatening injuries and another had non-life-threatening injuries, the paper added.

Pepper spray has led to serious club injuries in the past.

Most notably, 21 people died during a pepper-spray induced stampede at Chicago’s E2 in 2003.