City Winery In Nashville

City Winery – with locations in  and  – has announced its fourth location, in Nashville.

Photo: Bobby Bank / WireImage

Michael Dorf’s venue chain purchased 1.5 acres with a 30,000-square-foot building at 609 Lafayette in downtown Nashville Dec. 23.

The location is two blocks from the new Music City Convention Center and a half block from Third Man Records.

“Nashville is the perfect mix of a burgeoning food scene, deep music culture and hungry demographic looking for a higher-end entertainment option,” Dorf said.

The venue is expected to open in September with a 300-seat concert hall, 125-seat restaurant and a wine-making facility.

Dorf founded The Knitting Factory in 1987, sold his interest in 2003, and created City Winery in New York in 2008 after making a barrel of wine in California.