Rogers Arena Faces Liquor Fine

 in Vancouver, British Columbia, is facing a fine for an alleged liquor license infraction, and it couldn’t come at a worse time.

The arena has been cited for selling liquor to a minor employed as an undercover agent for the B.C. liquor control and licensing branch at a Vancouver Canucks game.

An enforcement hearing was conducted in November, and the adjudicator is expecting to render a decision in the new year, according to the Vancouver Sun. If the facility is found guilty, it faces a $7,500 fine or a potentially devastating 10-day suspension of liquor sales.

Meanwhile, Rogers Arena is lobbying the province to relax its liquor restrictions. It is asking to raise the individual serving limit to 40 ounces from 24 ounces. It wants to allow mobile beer vendors on the concourse levels, plus sales two hours prior and after games, according to the Sun.

Terry Roswell, spokesman for the liquor control and licensing branch, told the paper it treats all establishments equally when assessing patrons for intoxication or when considering bringing allegations of noncompliance.

“Rogers Arena is routinely inspected and has never received a monetary penalty or suspension of its liquor license,” Roswell said.

The alleged infraction was from March, according to a copy of a contravention notice.