Texas Club Kicks Out Gay Couple

A Texas nightclub is making news for kicking a gay couple out of the venue for dancing together.

The men claim they were asked to leave Cactus Canyon and told it was against the club’s policy for them to dance to country music together, according to the Victoria Advocate.

“I’m just kind of shocked,” Justin Meyer told the paper. “They know my face, I’ve been here hundreds of times, and it was just really hurtful that we couldn’t dance together.”

Meyer and his boyfriend were allegedly approached by management and informed that their dancing together posed a safety risk in the country music club.

However a manager for Cactus Canyon said no policy exists to ban same-sex couples from dancing together and that the men were asked to leave because they were being disruptive.

“We’ve never kicked anyone out of the club for dancing,” Cactus Canyon Director of Operations Robert Dillender told the Advocate. “Our obligation to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission is to maintain the peace.”

The American Civil Liberties Union of Texas has reportedly reached out to the men.