Christine McVie Reportedly Rejoining Fleetwood Mac

Once John McVie recovers from surgery for cancer and Fleetwood Mac launches its next tour, the lineup just might include his ex-wife and keyboardist/vocalist Christine McVie. Mick Fleetwood reportedly revealed the announcement to a crowd in Maui over the weekend.

After playing an acoustic version of “Songbird” with Uncle Willie K at the Hawaiian musician’s BBQ Bluesfest Jan. 11, Fleetwood reportedly broke the news, according to fan site, which cited an attendee’s post on Fleetwood Mac fan forum The Ledge Rumours.

The drummer reportedly said, “This is the worst kept secret there is, but Christine McVie will be rejoining Fleetwood Mac!”

Photo: Chris Pizzello / Invision / AP
Staples Center, Los Angeles, Calif.

McVie took the stage with her old bandmates in September at London’s O2 Arena for the first time since she split with the band in 1998.

The keyboardist/vocalist told the Guardian in an interview posted Nov. 22 that the experience was “amazing” and said, “I like being with the band, the whole idea of playing music with them. I miss them all. If they were to ask me I would probably be very delighted … but it hasn’t happened so we’ll have to wait and see.”

She also mentioned that a reunion would depend on John’s health.

“It’s a long way down that path if it ever were to happen,” McVie told the Guardian. “John’s got to get well first, so it hasn’t been talked about. We’ll have to wait and see.”

Fleetwood Mac announced in October that it was canceling its Australian and New Zealand tour, which was scheduled through early December, because McVie was being treated for cancer.

McVie’s treatment is apparently going so well that he was able to make Fleetwood Mac’s Dec. 30 show in Las Vegas.

Fleetwood Mac News reports that Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham talked to the audience in Vegas about the band’s tour plans for 2014.

“Both Stevie and Lindsey made it clear in Las Vegas in December that Fleetwood Mac will be going back out on the road in 2014 with Lindsey being a little more specific telling people in the front row they’ll be touring this summer.”