Festivals Tip Toward RFID

Intellitix chief exec Serge Grimaux says the festival market is at a tipping point where RFID systems are proven to both increase revenues and be 100 percent reliable. 

“The two fears that have prevented more promoters and festival organisers from adopting RFID up until now have been concerns about it not working and that it’s too expensive,” Grimaux told Pollstar, adding, “2013 was a tipping point for both of these concerns.

“It is no longer a question as to whether RFID works or ultimately costs an event money to deploy, it is now just a question of whether the technology suits the event and the organizer wants to open up additional revenue streams, or not.”

However, the rapid growth of RFID wristbands may not necessarily mean festivals will also switch to cashless payment systems.

“I think that quite a number of festivals use RFID wristbands, but still not a lot doing full cashless,” said Christof Huber, head of European festivals organisation Yourope.

He also books Switzerland’s Open Air St. Gallen, which last year used RFID for the first time.

Intellitix appears to be gearing for increased business, making a handful of new appointments. Former Last Second Tickets exec Ian Bennett joins as head of UK business development, while Victor Gutierrez takes up a similar role in Latin America.

Stepan Hyncik and Vera Kunratkova have joined the company’s Czech Republic office to service the three-city Majales Festival.