Kanye West’s Latest Alleged Punch-Out!!

Not even next week’s return to court for his 2013 misdemeanor case could stop Kanye West from getting in trouble. The rapper was named a suspect Monday in a misdemeanor battery assault probe that reportedly involved West coming to the defense of Kim Kardasian.

The Beverly Hills Police Department released a statement (via CNN) saying the victim and several witnesses named West as the suspect. He had left the scene by the time the officers arrived. The alleged incident took place Monday at 12:15 p.m. at the 8800 block of Wilshire Blvd., in Beverly Hills.

Beverly Hills Police Department detectives are investigating the alleged battery.

Photo: Zacharie Scheurer/AP
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People magazine reportedly talked to a source close to Kardashian who says West’s fiancée was on her way to meet up with the rapper to look at furniture for their new home when she was swarmed outside the building by “a million paparazzi trailing her.”

A Caucasian bystander tried to allegedly help Kardashian get into the building while yelling racial slurs and obscenities at the paparazzi. TMZ says that after Kardashian criticized the bystander’s use of the N-word, he alleged turned on her and directed some nasty obscentities and the N-word at the reality star.

People’s source says, “At this point Kim was seriously afraid for her life.”

A follow-up story from TMZ reports that the bystander also yelled at Kardashian, “I will kill you, slut.”

West arrived at the scene soon after Kardasian called him. The couple followed the bystander into the waiting room of a chiropractic office, where West allegedly punched the guy. TMZ’s sources say a massage therapist separated the men and the bystander said he wanted to press charges.Kardashian also intends to file a police report against the bystander for making criminal threats, according to TMZ.

As for West’s 2013 misdemeanors case, it’s due back in court Jan. 23. He pleaded not guilty in November to misdemeanor battery and attempted grand theft stemming from a July 19 altercation with a paparazzo in Los Angeles International Airport. West is accused of punching paparazzo Daniel Ramos and wrestling his camera to the ground. Ramos claims the attack was unprovoked. The Associated Press reports that the misdemeanors could each result in up to six months in jail or a $1,000 fine.

And if you’re thinking about leaving a comment suggesting that West needs some anger management, People points out that the rapper voluntarily completed 12 one-hour sessions of anger management counseling following a 2008 incident at Los Angeles International Airport involving another paparazzo and a smashed camera.

West pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor vandalism, battery and grand theft in that case. The misdemeanors against West and his road manager were dismissed in exchange for community service.