Racist Rant Removed

Clubbers in Wellington, New Zealand, are being urged to boycott the Famous nightclub after owner and DJ Neill Andrews’s anti-Indian rant on Facebook.

Photo: facebook.com/famouswellington

The post, now deleted, stated, “Just because we don’t let groups of creepy Indian rapists into the club doesn’t make us racist, they also don’t buy alcohol. Probably so they can be sober enough to tie up the sack and lift the body into the back of their hybrid taxi, while wearing oversized leather jackets and sports shoes.”

Andrews apologized, saying it was a tongue-in-cheek comment about Indian patrons who harass women.

But Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy is urging patrons to boycott the club while the country’s largest bank, ANZ, announced it would no longer hire Andrews for its events.

The NZ Indian Central Association plans to make a formal protest.

Andrews plans an Indian-themed night at the Famous.