Cajundome Plans Upgrade

The  in Lafayette, La., may be getting a $16 million makeover of its lower-level seating to create a bowl and add 600 to 1,000 new seats, making the University of Louisiana-owned venue more competitive for concerts and other events. 


Architectural plans for the venue are to be presented to the Cajundome Commission next month.

Meanwhile, Cajundome officials are seeking permission to sell bonds to finance the upgrades from the State Bond Commission, UL Board of Supervisors and the State Board of Regents.

The improvements are expected “to give us a true bowl effect for sporting events and increase capacity for all live entertainment,” while bringing basketball fans closer to the floor action, Cajundome Director Greg Davis told Lafayette’s Advertiser.

“It’s going to be a totally different look and we think it’s going to be configured in a way that the fan experience will be enhanced,” he added.

Plans are to construct a clubhouse on the south end of the Cajundome where those willing to pay extra can enjoy catered food, lounging areas and big screen TVs, he said.

The Cajundome opened in 1985, with first-level telescopic seating that is “beyond (its) life expectancy,” Davis told the paper. “They no longer make parts for them.”

The current seats pull away from walls when needed and fold back in when not in use. The goal is to have the seats replaced and a true bowl construction between May and October 2015.