Rocket Tattoo Snafu

When San Diego-based Rocket From The Crypt was in its heyday in the 1990s, the band came up with a way to thank the fans for their loyalty.

Anyone who had a tattoo of its rocket ship logo on his or her body would get free admission.

The offer ended up having an unexpected expiration date.

Rocket From The Crypt, disbanded in 2005, recently launched a reunion tour and its shows are reportedly selling out.

Longtime fans are finding out that get-in-free offer no longer applies in today’s concert scene. Venue reps aren’t allowing it, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Frontman John Reis told the Journal the band members had no idea so many rocket tattoos would surface, much less open a can of worms.

“We really didn’t think about it. We were more surprised that we were playing again,” Reis said. “When we were around the first time, selling out shows was not our forte. There was usually plenty of room.”