Stones Sell Out Singapore

Tickets to The Rolling Stones’ March 15 show at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore sold out two hours of going on sale Feb. 21.
Verizon Center, Washington, D.C.

Almost immediately, scalpers started listing tickets to the gig for as much as S$1,700 ($1,345), according to the Straits Times.

Moreover, an international website that allows anyone to resell tickets is offering Stones ducats beginning at S$1,400.

On the following Monday, the Straits Times found “two sellers” offering Category A ($550) and Category B ($400) tickets for as much as S$1,000 each on a classified ad website.

Original prices for the concert, which is being presented by the Sands, ranged from $250 to $700.

The resort’s conditions for sales clearly state that tickets cannot be resold without written consent of the presenter.

The main problem is that if these tickets are resold, they may not be honored at the concert, and the holder cannot receive a refund.

In the past, some Singapore presenters have taken action against resellers by not honoring resold tickets, but a lot of local presenters don’t do anything.

Ross Knudson of LAMC Productions, which has brought Justin Bieber and Metallica to Singapore, told the Times, “We get people trying to resell their tickets to our concerts on our Facebook page all the time. I just let it go, unless it is clear that somebody is intentionally trying to profit by buying tickets in bulk and reselling them at inflated prices.”