Dog Camp Barks Out An Invitation

The Winery DogsMike Portnoy, Billy Sheehan and Richie Kotzen – invite you to join them for “Dog Camp,” a five day adventure in the Catskills where you’ll learn about music from the pros.

And who better to teach you about the ins and outs of playing music than this bunch?  There’s a lot to learn from Dream Theater former drummer / co-founder Portnoy, former Mr. Big guitarist Kotzen and bassist extraordinaire Sheehan, who, in addition to playing with Mr. Big has also thumped for David Lee Roth, Steve Vai and others.

Produced by Dreamcatcher Events and set for July 21-25 at Full Moon Resort in Big Indian, N.Y., Dog Camp gives you the chance to get up close and personal with the musicians while attending instrument-specific clinics, learning about songwriting and experiencing intimate performances and jam sessions.

“What’s interesting is to talk about music, concepts, objectives, reasons why you’re playing the instrument, what you want to achieve, and how to get to that point, rather than talking about major versus minor scales,” Kotzen said.  “I love that feeling of sharing concepts with people.  In The Winery Dogs, we have various experiences that a lot of other people don’t have.  It’s an opportunity to share that and grow; the feeling of moving forward and learning and experiencing something new.  That’s what excites me about Dog Camp.  It’s the creative process and creativity that make me want to do music, and I want to share that.”

Tickets are on sale now.  Check out for more information.