Motörhead’s Motörboat To Rock The High Seas

Megadeth, Motörhead and Anthrax are the headliners for Motörhead’s Motörboat, a five day adventure planned for September with a lineup including Zakk Wylde, Jim Breuer, Danko Jones, Fireball Ministry, Wilson and others.

Photo: AP Photo / Lewis Stickley / PA
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Organizers are calling it “the loudest boat in the world,” a description that should delight metal fans as well as shake up naval sonar operators. Sailing out of Miami Sept. 22, the good ship Carnival Ecstasy will visit Key West, Fla., and the island of Cozumel located just off of the Yucatan Peninsula.

As required by international maritime metal law, a cruise packing this many decibels requires not less than three quotes from the headliners.

“This will be everything you’ve come to expect from a night out with us, except even louder, with more great bands and no way of escaping!” Motörhead’s Lemmy Kilmister said.  “If you thought waves could rock a boat, you’ve got another thing coming with this lovely little outing!”

“There never has and never will be another cruise like [the] Motörhead cruise,” Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine said.  “This is the coolest way to ever see a metal concert.”

“Anthrax, Motörhead and Megadeth at sea???” pondered Anthrax’s Scott Ian.  “To quote Chief Brody [Jaws], ‘We’re going to need a bigger boat.’”

Tickets for Motörhead’s Motörboat go on sale March 18 at 12 p.m. EDT. will become operational later this week. In the meantime more info can be had via the trip’s Facebook page.