Hearts And Lights Out

James Dolan, Madison Square Garden Co. executive chairman, pulled the plug on Radio City’s production of “Hearts and Lights” March 20, one week before the production was to open in previews.  

Dolan apparently made the call after watching a final run-through with movie mogul Harvey Weinstein.

The problem wasn’t the Rockettes or the lavish sets that included a 26-foot-tall replica of the Statue of Liberty, high-tech puppets and talking lions, according . 

The production would have run five months.

All of those factors in combination could be worth millions of dollars in additional losses.

“Jim Dolan is executive chairman of the company, and a decision along those lines certainly falls to him,” Dolan spokesman Barry Watkins told the Times. “Jim saw the show several times, including with multiple creative and financial advisers, and ultimately made the decision to postpone the show.”

The script “centered on the story of two teenage cousins roaming New York as they tried to come to understand their grandmother’s past,” according to the Times.