EXO Member Sues Management

South Korean boy band EXO debuted two years ago and just launched its first-ever solo tour of Asia. However, one of the group’s 12 members is not on board because he is suing their management company, SM Entertainment, Korea’s largest talent agency.

at KPop World Festival 2013. 

The member, who goes by the single name Kris, is a Canadian born in China, who, according to the Korea Herald, in mid-May filed a lawsuit against SM to end his contract.

He accused the agency of “exploitation and unfair treatment.”

Kris has since reportedly been staying in China, and recently posted a message on the Internet thanking his fans for their support but did not elaborate on the lawsuit.

The media has reported that Kris had shown signs of dissatisfaction with the group in the past by not showing up for rehearsals.

Several members of the group have said that Kris’ departure has been difficult for them, especially since he left right before EXO’s big Seoul concerts, which meant a change in choreography and arrangements.