The Rent Is Too Damn High

Bahama Mama’s nightclub in Allentown, Pa., continues to operate despite owing more than $175,000 in rent and other expenses.

The club, formerly known as Club Horizon, was expected to host Omarion June 7 and had Ginuwine as a musical guest on Mother’s Day weekend.

However, owner Anthony DeLeon told the Express-Times the $12,500 he pays per month — $9,000 in rent plus arrears since filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection in 2012 – is too high and the property owners won’t work with him.

DeLeon said his attorney assessed similar businesses in the area and found they pay $3,500 to $4,000 rent per month on the high end of the spectrum.

The property owners are claiming a breach of the lease and want a court judgment for the back rent, arrears, operating costs and insurance plus legal fees, according to the paper.