Savannah Concert Controversy

A number of bands in Savannah, Ga., have signed on to play a donation-only show in the wake of a recent concert that riled up many in the music community.  

Local promoter Floyd Lionel, who does business as Savannah Metal Punx, reportedly walked out on a June 21 all-day show at Dollhouse Productions without paying the bands he’d booked or the venue.

Needless to say, many musicians and fans took to social media to express their anger following the incident, and worried about the damage the promoter had done to the Savannah music scene.

Dollhouse co-owner Blake Mavrogeorgis explained in a statement the July 11 free show was conceived out of that controversy.

“We do not want an isolated incident like this to tarnish the reputation of Savannah’s growing music scene,” Mavrogeorgis said. “Putting on this concert is our way of expressing that we do not stand for bad business practices when it comes to musicians, promoters, venues, and all those who make a living through music.”

All proceeds from the show are slated to go to unpaid bands including headliner Eyehategod and the venue, and extra proceeds will go to local charities, the statement said. Bands including Crazy Bag Lady, Whaleboat, The Gumps, Broken Glow, and Pridemeat have signed on to perform.

In a Facebook message June 23, Lionel apologized, explaining he suffers from social anxiety disorder.

“What you witnessed Saturday night was a person having a full blown mental breakdown due to a lot of undue stress from what was already a very long and stressful day,” he wrote. “My departure was not based upon any attempt to avoid responsibilities or as some corners have said ‘run off with band money.’ But to prevent a situation that could have quite easily deteriorated into a far worse harmful situation for myself and others around me. Again apologies to all whom were directly adversely affected by my breakdown.”

Lionel also apparently reached out to local paper Connect Savannah and explained he was settling up with the bands, some of which announced via social media they’d finally been paid. Eyehategod and Dollhouse had yet to be paid at press time.