Camden Crawl On Its Knees

London’s Camden Crawl has gone bust only days after this year’s event finished, causing a few angry bands and creditors to vent their anger on social networks. 

The annual two-day multi-venue festival in the inner-city district announced it was “unable to pay its debts in full to any suppliers, staff or the company’s directors and shareholders,” with many left questioning what exactly had gone wrong. “As it stands the total debts substantially exceed the value of the assets of the company,” the statement continued, adding that the festival had gone into “voluntary liquidation.”

Camden Crawl organisers blame poor ticket sales for the festival’s demise. A creditors’ meeting was scheduled for July 11.

The festival, which skipped a year in 2013, took place June 20-21 with a lineup including Atari Teenage RiotLaurel Halo, Visionist, MumdanceBad For LazarusAlexis TaylorPAWSPins, and Thumpers, will now likely be liquidated with creditors lucky to see any return.

A note on the festival’s website cites “this completely unanticipated situation,” suggesting the directors did not know that proceeding with this year’s event would mean being unable to pay its acts and suppliers.

The public response was mostly scathing. “So Camden Crawl? Did you really just go into voluntary liquidation without paying us or anyone else?” one person tweeted July 3.

Indie label Invada tweeted that the Crawl had “gone under” without paying two of its acts: “They point blank refused to pay advance deposits and used the TrustUs mantra throughout.”