Chicago Concert Melee

Four police officers suffered minor injuries and a police car was damaged when a melee erupted during an illegal concert at Chicago’s Montrose Beach July 13.

Almost 20 men were arrested during the incident, with 10 facing criminal charges for activities including aggravated battery to a police officer, and a 17-year-old boy facing charges of criminal damage to property and misdemeanor mob action, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Seven other men were reportedly charged with misdemeanors related to the event.

A crowd gathered on the beach that evening for the Tamborazo Beach Party concert that had been advertised on social media but was missing the necessary permits, the paper said.

And when officers on bicycles entered the crowd to break up a fight, things apparently got out of hand, with people throwing bottles, rocks, cans and other items at the authorities.

Backup assistance was called to the scene as officers searched for a “man with a gun,” the Tribune reported.

During a press conference the following day, Superintendent Garry McCarthy praised the police response to the incident.

“What I can tell you is, Montrose and the rest of the parks around the city are receiving significant attention, and will continue to do so,” McCarthy said.

The melee came just a week after a violent Independence Day weekend in the city that saw 82 shot and 16 fatalities.