LN Sued Over DMB Concert Attack

A man who alleges he was “violently and brutally assaulted” during a Dave Matthews Band concert at  in Pittsburgh in 2012 has filed suit against Live Nation, a security company and the man who attacked him. 

Matthew Schneider’s suit, filed in Washington County Court July 10, claims LN and the security contractor failed to provide adequate security at the venue and failed to provide proper training for security staff, leaving him in the position of breaking up a fight during the show.

According to court documents obtained by the Observer-Reporter, a brawl between two women went on for 10 to 15 minutes without an intervention from security before Schneider stepped in. But Schneider’s concern wasn’t so well received, as he claims he was then punched repeatedly by a man, Blake Hilderbrand, leaving him with injuries to his face, skull and nose.

“As a business invitee, Live Nation owed Matthew Schneider a duty to keep him safe during the concert by providing adequate security,” the suit states. “Live Nation either did not have adequate security or failed to have appropriate security protocols in place to ensure patrons were safe.”

Schneider says he is now disfigured and can no longer play hockey. He’s seeking unspecified damages to cover medical costs and lost earnings. Hilderbrand was arrested at the show. He later pleaded guilty to simple assault and was sentenced to 18 months of probation, the Observer-Reporter said.