Brooks’ Ticket Throwback

Garth Brooks last played in the Chicago area 17 years ago, and when he returns to launch his upcoming world tour Sept. 4 at  in Rosemont, Ill., the ticket price could almost be mistaken for a throwback to that final 1997-98 rodeo.
Garth tells all at press conference in Nashville.

For a onetime superstar coming out of retirement, Brooks could probably have named his price.

Yet, he’s charging a single $56.94 face price (add $2.56 tax plus $6 service fee) for every seat in the house – from the front row to the crow’s nest.

Compare that with the average current ticket price of $91.72 and it’s understandable if Brooks is causing double-takes.

But it actually should not be that surprising.

When Brooks last toured, tickets were priced well below the then-industry average of $33.59, too, at $20 to $21.50. The tour still raked in $38.2 million.