Pitt. Mayor Praises Concert Cleanup

Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto praised changes implemented by the city and officials at  for what turned out to be a “cleaner and safer atmosphere” during a  concert July 26.

Photo: Rick Diamond / Getty Images for Country Thunder USA
Country Thunder USA, Florence, Ariz.

Officials discussed the implementation of new policies earlier this month after a June 21 Luke Bryan concert generated a huge mess and 34 hospitalizations.

This time around, workers began clearing the lots after the show started, horse-mounted police assisted with crowd control and port authority kept the light rail system running early into the next morning to assist concertgoers.

“I want to thank the Pirates, private parking lot owners, Pittsburgh police, medics and refuse crews for executing the plans we made together,” Peduto said in a statement. “Most of all I need to thank the concert-goers. All along we wanted to make an atmosphere for the fans that was enjoyable, but also safe and respectful. Working together we were able to make things better, though there is still work to do.”

There were still hospitalizations, however. Officials reported 32 paramedic transports, mostly for intoxication. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette noted there wasn’t much trash left behind the day after the show, when crowds assembled to tailgate in the parking lots for a soccer match between England’s Manchester City and Italy’s AC Milan.

The city is compiling refuse and safety statistics from the concert and plans to use them to identify changes needed for future events.