Charleston PAC A Monster Project

Crews are working seven days a week to build the most expensive municipal project in the 350-year history of Charleston, S.C. 

Crews are working at the site every day, with two weekend shifts on the weekend, to complete the $142 million Gaillard Center, which is replacing the  built in 1968.

The venue will host the Spoleto Festival USA and includes a ballroom, banquet space, outdoor gardens and city offices.

The project is is on schedule to open by April, according to Charleston Mayor Joseph Riley, who called the project “big” and “complicated.”

The Spoleto Festival would begin the following month.

“The details of this building are extraordinary,” said Dustin Clemens, the city’s director of capital projects. “They always knew it would take some extra work.” More than 400 workers are on the site every day, and the schedule is expected to continue through September.