Paul Revere Ends His Ride

Having led The Raiders for five decades, Paul Revere announces he is hanging up his tri-corner hat but his band will keep on rocking.


Today’s announcement states that Revere’s son, Jamie, is returning to the band.  Today’s Raiders includeDoug Heath, Ron Foos and Danny Krause along with 10-year Lettermen vet Darren Dowler and former Buckinghams drummer Tommy Scheckel.

There is a slight tweak to the band’s name.  The group will perform under the moniker Paul Revere’s Raiders.

Together the musicians will preserve the legacy of the band responsible for such hits as “Kicks,” “Good Thing,” “The Great Airplane Strike” and “Hungry.”  The band’s most famous lineup included singer Mark Lindsay, bassistPhil “Fang” Volk, guitarist Drake “Kid” Levin, drummer Mike “Smitty” Smith and, of course, keyboardist Revere.

The band, which performs dressed in revolutionary 1776 garb, enjoyed a longtime business relationship with “American Bandstand” host Dick Clark which led to hundreds of appearances on the television show “Where The Action is.” Revere and Lindsay hosted two shows produced by Clark – “Happening ’68” and “It’s Happening.”

Revere, who has suffered health problems for the past year, will continue to work with the band as executive producer.

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