Centerplate CEO Resigns

Des Hague, CEO of concessions and facility management company Centerplate, resigned Sept. 2 after a bizarre animal-abuse accusation threatened the company’s reputation.

Photo: YouTube frame capture

Hague was in Vancouver when caught on an elevator security camera kicking a Doberman pinscher puppy and yanking on its leash. Hague has since admitted he is the owner of the dog. The video sparked dismay around the country – including in San Francisco where Centerplate is the concessions company for Levi’s Stadium, the new home of the NFL’s 49ers.

Centerplate’s board initially put Hague on probation after a review and required he donate $100,000 to an animal protection foundation in Vancouver. The foundation will be called the Sade Foundation in honor of the kicked dog.

The board also required Hague give 1,000 hours of community service to an organization that protects the welfare and safety of animals.

Hague will be replaced by COO Chris Verros, according to reports. Also, despite initial reports, the dog is apparently not owned by Hague and is currently in the hands of British Columbia’s SPCA.

“Mr. Hague claimed to be the owner at the time of the search,” the SPCA’s Marcie Moriarty told Fortune magazine. “That was before everything went public. A person claiming ownership has now come forward, and Mr. Hague has not appealed to have the dog returned.”