Roanoke Civic Upgrades

The , soon to be rebranded the Berglund Center, in Virginia, is undergoing an eight-year, $8 million renovation with lights and seating the first items to get spruced up. 
Now Bergland Center

Beginning next year, the 45-year-old building is expected to get 9,800 new seats and interior paint.

The seats, which are a “harvest gold” color according to the Roanoke Times, will be replaced with black seats – significant because some seats act as backdrop to the stage and staff has had to cover them with black sheeting to conceal them.

Lights will also be upgraded to LED. The city reportedly spends about $700,000 annually on electricity at the building, and LED lighting should reduce it to $400,000.

The savings, plus the influx of cash from the naming rights deal, could wipe out the city government’s subsidy of the building, the paper said.