Rap Group In Weekend Controversies

Migos, a rap group from Atlanta, has been making news lately because of some alleged rowdy incidents, including taking money from a promoter by rifle.

Migos was to perform at the Evansville Coliseum in Indiana Aug. 31. Officials with promoters 41 South filed a police report saying they paid the group $11,000 up front for the performance, but the group did not perform. Instead, Migos took the remaining $10,000 in cash on the night of the performance and left, but when officials tried to stop them, the band pointed two rifles at them, according to WFIE News.

If that wasn’t the only alleged incident of the weekend. The group also allegedly got into a massive brawl at Nashville’s LimeLight nightclub after an audience member apparently attempted to take one of the performer’s chains. That incident was caught on video, below.