Man Sues Over Punk Show Punches

A man who was punched by police outside a punk concert in Sequim, Wash., has filed an excessive force lawsuit against the city.

Morgan Weimer’s suit claims officers violated his civil rights by punching him while he was face down in a planter outside the Oasis Bar and Grill in May 2013. The incident was recorded by a witness and does appear to show the man being held by officers face down in the planter as another officer punches him several times.

John Meunster, an attorney for Weimer, told the local Peninsula Daily News, “For the purpose of the beating of Mr. Weimer, it was the policy, custom and practice of defendant city of Sequim to utilize excessive force in violation of the Fourth Amendment.”

However Police Chief Bill Dickinson had a different take on the events of the evening, telling the Daily News video footage from inside the venue showed officers only attempted to remove Weimer from the premises after he threw an elbow at a man at the bar.

Weimer initially filed a claim with the city, which denied excessive force had been used during the incident. His suit is seeking damages and attorney’s fees from the city, the paper said.