Aussie Shorts:
Tina Arena, Awakenings

In the wake of a sold-out self-promoted Australian tour, Paris-based singer Tina Arena announced her first UK shows in 12 years, for November. 


This year she released her first English-language album in 12 years, Reset. Amsterdam techno festival Awakenings is entering the Australian market. Its new owner SFX is rolling the brand out to Australia and the UK. Aussie promoter Totem OneLove, also owned by SFX, will have an Awakenings stage at this year’s Stereosonic, with branded tours expected next year.

German metal band The Ocean went on social media to lament that their January tour had fallen through (the first promoter “proved to be a flake”, they said) and asked for metal-minded promoters to help. Soundwave’s AJ Maddah tweeted for their personal contact details and said he’d be in touch.