Atomic Soul Given All Clear

Atomic Soul chief Peer Osmundsvaag says his company was cleared of any wrongdoing four days after Norwegian business paper Dagens Næringsliv claimed it was trading on creditors’ money.

Although his original Atomic Soul went under in 2012 with debts of about 16 million Norwegian krones ($2.5 million), the country’s leading business paper reported that effectively it had carried on trading.

It said Osmundsvaag was now under investigation from the Norwegian police. Osmundsvaag admits he kept the company open after the bankruptcy but told Pollstar he didn’t put any new shows through it.

He said the company’s demise in 2012 was a result of being “swindled” for euro 850,000 (then about $1.1 million) and he’d kept it open “whilst pursuing this through the courts.”

“I always had a clear conscience when the auditors were doing their examination,” Osmundsvaag told Pollstar. “If the letter clearing me had come four days earlier, then the newspaper article need never have appeared.”