Promoter To Pay For Bluesmasters Suit

The promoter of a 2012 blues fest at Haymarket Park near the University of Nebraska in Lincoln will have to pay up after filing suit against the school and stadium tenants the Lincoln Saltdogs.

Colorado entertainment company Blues Events LLC’s lawsuit alleged fraud and breach of contract and the baseball team countersued. But in a twist, the judge presiding over the case sided with the team and closed the case, ordering Blues Events to pay $215,668, according to court documents obtained by the Lincoln Journal Star.

Blues Events’ suit had accused the president of the team and the university of secretly adding a clause requiring a $100,000 payment to the venue prior to the Bluesmasters Concert, and leaving out the language when the contract was read over the phone.

An attorney for the team requested a summary judgment noting that Blues Events had the chance to read the contract before it was signed, the paper said. The judge agreed, calling the complaint frivolous.