X-Studio Launching In Sydney

The multimedia X Studio is opening Oct. 10 in Sydney, Australia.

Photo: facebook.com/TheXStudio.com.au
"Our state of the art radio, video and online broadcast facility."

It allows international and Australian artists, producers and content creators to perform, film, record and broadcast to the world. It was set up by Sydney high school drop-out turned global tech entrepreneur Ron Creevey.

Facilities include radio, digital and live broadcast studios, a recording studio, film screening space, a bar open to the public and a 500-seat concert venue.

Creevey set the complex up in the entertainment strip in Kings Cross, under the landmark Coca-Cola billboard.

“Kings Cross has always been a magical place electrified by the buzz of neon mixed with the allure of edginess that is at the heart of the great nights we remember,” he said.