City Reluctantly Defends Promoter

The city of Ketchum, Idaho, is writing the check to pay for the defense of concert promoter Massv Holdings LLC, which produces the Massv Music Festival in the city. 

The 2012 electronic music event was marred when a man allegedly climbed a building, then fell on top of Corey Weatherly, a former sheriff’s detective for Blaine County. Weatherly was working security for the festival and suffered a broken neck, according to the Idaho Mountain Express.

Weatherly never completely recovered, according to the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office, and he and his wife are suing for damages in excess of $10,000, claiming permanent disability.

Ketchum, a sponsor of the concert, agreed to provide insurance for the event. However, the insurance ran out at midnight July 24 and the incident occurred at 2 a.m., according to city attorney Paul Fitzer.

Ketchum’s insurance company, ICRMP, will defend the city, according to the Mountain Express. Massv would likely sue the city if it did not agree to provide funding for the promoter’s liability, so the city council agreed to an initial payment of $22,500 and committed to $17,500 in future legal fees, according to a news release.

The council unanimously approved the conditions Oct. 20.

“Although not ideal, this action reduces future costs to the city in the long run,” City Administrator Suzanne Frick said.

Council President Michael David called the lawsuit frivolous but agreed that the current council needed to honor the agreement made between the previous council and Massv.

This year’s festival was canceled because of red tape with Blaine County. The event was moved outside of the city after noise complaints. The 2013 event featured Krewella and Mimosa.