‘Promoter’ Robs Retirement Community

A man is back behind bars after posing as a concert promoter – leaving a halfway house, boarding a bus and burglarizing a home in a retirement village while telling people he was putting on a concert by “the Kardashians.” 

Photo: WFMZ-FM

Carlos Antanacio-Reyes, who was in the halfway house near Lower Heidelberg Township, Pa., on a burglary conviction, was identified as the culprit.

He had been convicted in 2008 with 34 criminal counts, according to WFMZ-TV. Police were dispatched to the Phoebe Berks Village retirement home for a report of burglary Oct. 20, according to WFMZ. A woman had arrived at her home to find a damaged patio door, ransacked bedroom and missing jewelry, including her $6,000 wedding ring.

Others told the police that they had seen a man, holding a clipboard or notebook, in front of the victim’s house. One person told the police that the suspect rang his doorbell and told him he was with a company that was putting on a music program starring the Kardashians and asked if he could find the Phoebe Berks Village office.

“Oh my goodness. It is not expected here because it’s independent living,” said Virginia Schaeffer, whose husband spoke with Atanacio-Reyes. “It’s pretty sad because most people who live here, they come to retire for safety.” Police checked with the BARTA bus system and realized a person matching the description of the suspect boarded a bus near the Wernersville Community Corrections Center and got off at the next stop. A corrections officer ID’d Antanacio-Reyes from a surveillance image. The suspect was interviewed and, having been told of the surveillance image, said he went to the area and got lost.