Tee Leaves Glastonbury Production

Glastonbury production manager Dick Tee has resigned, citing “irreconcilable issues” with festival management. 
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Tee and his staff at EnTEEtainment have terminated their association with the festival with immediate effect.

Tee reportedly feels the management and operational changes that have happened in the two years since Festival Republic stopped running the operational side of the festival have left his team unable to fulfill its role professionally.

“I am extremely sad and disappointed that my concerns regarding the way certain elements of the festival are now being structured and managed are not being adequately considered and dealt with, and as such I have found myself in an untenable position regarding my continuing role,” Tee told Event Industry News.

“Whilst I will obviously miss my involvement with Glastonbury Festival which has been a major part of my life for nearly two decades, I am looking forward to focusing on new projects and challenges. As specialists in site and production management, one thing is for certain – we are far from hanging up our wellies.”

Tee has been running Glastonbury production for 18 years, starting with the two main stages in 1997 and steadily taking over production for the site.