Intrust Arena Pondering Promotion

Fund Officials in Wichita, Kan., are pondering ways to draw acts from outside of the realm of country music to the 


Sedgwick County commissioners were scheduled to consider an amendment to an agreement with SMG to establish a $200,000 promotion fund, the Wichita Eagle reported, that would be used to draw shows “that might not otherwise appear (at Intrust) without additional financial inducement on the part of SMG.”

It seems country concerts fare well at Intrust Bank Arena, but the city is itching to see something a little different at the venue.

“We hear people complaining about the diversity of performances and the number of performances and the closed, dark months. So we began a conversation [with SMG],” County Manager William Buchanan told the Eagle“This is an attempt to do something about it.”

If the amendment gains approval, SMG could use the money from the fund to help entice acts from different genres and lower risk for promoters that may not be comfortable with the market just yet.

The county is scheduled to vote on the matter, as well as an extension of SMG’s contract, next week.