Tickets And Tech
Unite In Austin

Front Gate Tickets has joined forces with another Austin company, Umbel, to integrate visual audience analytics into Front Gate’s ticketing console. 

The strategic alliance means Front Gate’s clients will be able to tailor their offerings for customers and create better pricing models, successful sponsor liaisons, the right food and beverage options and determine the best advertising vehicles for shows.

“Data overload is a huge problem for marketers, including promoters and ticket sellers,” said Front Gate Tickets’ marketing VP, Uri Bogler. “By integrating Umbel’s platform into Front Gate’s ticketing console, we have empowered our promoter and venue clients to sift through their data in a way that becomes actionable through highly targeted marketing campaigns that increase ticket sales, by efficiently finding the next fan.”

As part of the deal, Front Gate Tickets is using Umbel’s Reach Extension advertising and Digital Genome analysis to help create ticket buyer profiles for artists and then find fans that match those profiles on Facebook.

And that can apparently mean a lot for Front Gate clients who want to “connect with fans in a meaningful way and find more people similar to them – with both precision and scale,” Umbel CEO H.O. Maycotte said. “Our highly visual interface allows anyone to tap into the power of data to drive action and results.”?