Hogan Club Slammed For Noise

Managers for a club owned by Hulk Hogan in Rocky Point, Fla., are pulling the plug on large concerts for the time being after the city received multiple complaints from neighbors over noise and parking.

 was warned three times for hosting shows that drew up to 5,000 fans in December, according to the Tampa Tribune.

The shows were found to be in violation of the club’s zoning, parking and signage allowances.

“We have agreed to work with city and we are working with them on a daily basis to resolve these issues,” a consultant for the club told the paper.

The city is scheduled to conduct noise testing for the next few months and then plans to brief the council on any further noise or code violations by the club.

The venue is attached to the Best Western Bay Harbor Hotel and is apparently not zoned to be a “place of assembly.”

The consultant added Hogan’s Beach has no plans at this time to rezone or to apply for special event permits, the paper said. Previous concerts at the club have featured artists including Afrojack and