A Nordic Eurosonic

Where’s The Music?, the new Swedish showcase conference organised by German promoter FKP Scorpio, may find the geography of Norrköping makes it easier to follow the Dutch’s Eurosonic blueprint. 

While operating in nine venues it can ensure that they’re all within walking distance of each other, one of the features that’s made the Groningen-based showcases such a huge success.

FKP chief Folkert Koopmans, a regular at Eurosonic, once complained that some other showcase events needed “a Porsche or a helicopter” to get around the clubs and see the acts.

The area being used in Norrköping, which was also chosen as it’s where Scorpio holds its Bravalla Festival, is known as Industrilandskapet, the part of the city centre that’s been fashioned from the paper mills it was once famous for. Swedish acts including Dovelike, Durango Riot, Far & Son, Hauted By Destiny, and Junkstars have been added to the talent pool, which now totals over 100 acts, with many of them playing more than one slot.

It’s also added Norwegian songstress Aurora, who apparently didn’t know she could sing until she tried it out at school as a 14-year-old. The Bergen girl’s performance at by:Larm, Norway’s own showcase conference, drew admiring gasps from some of the country’s national papers including Dagbladet and VG.

The conference taking place in Louis de Geer, which also has a concert hall, has named Paul Boswell, head of London’s Free Trade Agency, and veteran Aussie promoter Michael Chugg among the speakers.

Others having their say include Andreas Ahlenius (Universal Music), Anita Halmøy Wisløff (Atomic Soul), Anna Hildur Hildibrandsdóttir (Nordic Music Export), Joppe Pihlgren (Livemusik Sverige), Rob Challice (Coda Agency), Serge Grimaux (Intellitix) and Stephan Thanscheidt (FKP Scorpio). Where’s The Music? is in Norrköping February 12 to 14.