Live Blogging The Grammys? Sort Of

We’ve just found the secret WiFi account and am ripping out our tethered phone from our Realistic laptop. Hang tight.

So far Weird Al won best comedy album, Band Perry won honors for “Gentle On My Mind,” and the show had a great beginning with some killer rock and roll. Kanye autotuned a song and will autotune another one. ELO on its way. Let’s see if this publishes.

It does. FYI, Taylor Swift will dance to unknown Madonna tunes, and ELO is kicking ass. Taylor knows Mr. Blue Sky, and Sir Paul gets in the way of the camera. 

6:19: so this is one of those draggy moments. The duo behind “Say Something” just dropped by with their Grammy, which was ok because we had to turn the sound down on Gwen Stefani’s performance to do the interview. She’s kind of not a great singer but, hey, this Grammys promises to be just OK, so singing that is just ok is ok. 

This is the third time I’ve visited this room and probably the last. The media doesn’t have a whole lot of questions to ask of those who visit, and it’s kind of a drag. I leaned back in my chair and got the riot act from some dude who thought I’d spill his Pepsi. Most people are talking to each other. Some are completely working but they seem to be on the Grammys’ Twitter page to get the info.

So, anyway, McCartney and Swift dancing to ELO may have sealed their successful future for a tour, but it was odd how few others seemed to be reacting. Then again, they don’t react, ever.  Hozier’s up. For the love of God, Annie Lennox is a worldwide treasure. She walks out and destroys.

Really, should we be surprised by the winner of country album? Hint: she performed a song just before winning. It’s the Grammys. A couple folks from the Patriots dropped by. They won the Super Bowl. People who are expected to win things seem to win them.

The ads promised a Pharrell performance we would be talking about. Yes, people here are calling it “hysterical.” So, yeah.

Ken Erlich gets a couple minutes. That’s good. The only thing is that the show so far has little in surprises, but then again it’s the Grammys. You’re not going to see, oh, 21 Pilots with Hunter Hayes, or Above & Beyond with Billy Joel (Above & Beyond killed it at the Forum on Friday night). Give them a couple of years to catch up to what the kids and viewers like. Instead it’s mom rock like Madonna. And she ain’t gonna show up in this room. 

BTW, President Obama says rape is “not OK.” Don’t worry, more about domestic abuse follows on stage. Good to see Katy Perry show that she’s a singer, originally, and not just all about more-you-know shooting stars and left sharks.

Lady Gaga is a great singer but Tony Bennett thinks everything is GREAT!  She starts the song, and is quality, but Tony just grabs the mic and sings, “This is GREAT!”

Oh wait, turns out Dan Auerbach showed up on the red carpet with a pregnant fiancee, so none of this matters.

Ready for Eric’s performance. Until then, reading about this. HITS is looking at fashion on Lulu’s.

Hey, there’s Eric’s backup singer, with her awesome blonde wig. She graduated from Julliard and is looking for another record deal. Brandy Clark and Dwight Yoakam are having a great moment. That being said, this show needs Kid Rock to drop in out of the sky, or for Pink to swing from a rope. I’m half expecting them to read tweets off an iPhone or have a PSA about autism. Rihanna is great but meh. Grammys in haiku: What does it say when / Dave Grohl is in audience / and Kanye on twice?

A bit amusing that Sam Smith and Jeff Lynne are on the same stage considering Lynne’s co-writing of “I Won’t Back Down.” It would have been great for Smith to sing with ELO.

I think I’ll go see what’s going on in LA Live. Enjoy the show when you see it.