A Few Brooks Tickets Not Refunded

The Irish Times is reporting that euro 120,000 ($135,000) worth of tickets for the country’s Garth Brooks concerts still haven’t been refunded, although 99 percent of the ticket-buyers have had their money back.

It’s seven months since the American country singer’s five back-to-back  concerts were cut down to two, but 2,000 people still haven’t claimed their refunds.

When three shows were canceled after a row over the interpretation of Dublin City Council’s licensing rules, Ticketmaster was left with the task of sorting out the refunds.

The world’s largest ticket company didn’t set a deadline for people to claim their refunds. After an initial surge, the number of refund applications petered out until there was a surge from people presumably wanting cash before Christmas.

“Ticketmaster will continue to process the refunds as they come in for as long as necessary,” a company spokesman told the Irish paper. “However, we would encourage anybody still holding a ticket to send them in so that we can refund their money.”