Bond Club Offers A$50,000 VIP Package

It doesn’t match the $737,000 VIP package offered by Drai’s in Las Vegas. But in an Australian first, Melbourne’s Bond nightclub is offering a A$50,000 ($38,850) VIP package.
in Melbourne

It includes helicopter rides, a fleet of SUVs, a personal chauffeur, private security, waitresses, a 15-litre bottle of Veuve Clicquot, a box of 25 Cuban cigars, a photographer and a masseuse.

Bond’s co-owner Ozzie Kheir said three people had picked up the package, which caters for up to 25 people. Two were sheiks visiting from the Middle East, the third a world-famous singer on tour.

“It’s not a package I’d pay for myself,” he admitted. “But it’s so over the top and showy I couldn’t resist it.”