Jersey Promoter Drops RICO Suit Vs. City

A federal lawsuit filed by a promoter alleging racketeering charges against city officials in Wildwood, N.J., has been dropped. 


Point Break Group Management’s suit claimed the city engaged in fraud in connection with a contract Point Break held to perform services on the beach, according to court documents obtained by Shore News Today.

Point Break had reportedly entered into a five-year contract with Wildwood in May 2012 to present concerts and oversee operations of other services on the beach.

But just a month later, the city amended the agreement, changing Point Break’s role from “beach operator” to “concessionaire,” and alerted Point Break it was in breach of contract, the complaint said.

The suit accused city officials of preventing Point Break from doing business it had been contracted to do, of using intimidation tactics, of allegedly seeking their own financial gain and for engaging in a conspiracy to usurp Point Break’s contacts. Attorney Alain Leibman, who represented defendants including Wildwood Mayor Ernie Troiano, told Shore News he initially filed a brief questioning the merits of the RICO suit.

Leibman added that he was contacted by Point Break’s attorney, who offered to dismiss the RICO filing as long as fraud claims could be added to a separate state suit.

“We considered it a complete surrender and the only thing he asked was if they could add claims to the state suit,” Leibman said. “We wanted the dismissal of the RICO case. They surrendered and I thought we graciously accepted.”