No Double Headers For Daltrey

There’ll be no upcoming two-night stands for Roger Daltrey, who’s been banned from singing two nights in a row by his insurance company.

Photo: John Davisson
"MusiCares MAP Fund Benefit," Best Buy Theater, New York City

In an interview with The MirrorThe Who frontman explained he must rest his vocal cords after each performance.

“My doctor said you need to take a day off after a show,” he explained. “So the insurance company immediately says you must do that or your insurance will be negated.

“And, of course, to put a tour on you have no idea of the cost and we are responsible for 70 people’s wages and you cannot jeopardize that insurance and you cannot go on without it.” Daltrey recently had a growth removed from his vocal cords.

Earlier this month The Who rescheduled dates that had been postponed in May because of Daltrey’s swollen vocal cords. Plus, two nights of the fall tour were moved to December so Daltrey could have additional time off between gigs for vocal rest