T In The Mud

Most of the newspaper headlines from this year’s T In The Park were about how wet weather turned the exit routes from the site into mudbaths, causing disgruntled fans to bombard the festival’s Facebook site with complaints. 

Photo: Courtesy DF Concerts
The Libertines  

The Courier said “hundreds of people have described delays of up to five hours” and that “teenagers were left stranded in the dark on rural roads as the festival’s traffic management plan descended into farce.”

“Cars were left stranded in knee-deep mud and tractors had to be called in to drag them free,” The Scotsman explained.

Organisers hailed the first year at their new site at Strathallan as largely positive but said they have learned from the problems regarding traffic to and from the site.

TITP chief Geoff Ellis said: “Overall it’s been a great first year at Strathallan – the bands were brilliant, the site looked wonderful and we know that the majority of people have had a fantastic time. “We also know that some traffic queues coming in and out of the drop off points left some people frustrated. A combination of things contributed to this, including inclement weather. Years of infrastructure and tried and tested plans at Balado means that our audience is used to a very quick exit from the site so they aren’t used to waiting for more than a couple of hours.

“We’re also delighted to say that the site’s very own high flying birds, a family of four Osprey, have been undisturbed by the festival and there has been no change in their behaviour during the event.”

A 36-year-old man was found dead at about 2 p.m. on the second day of the festival. Police are investigating but said the cause of death is unexplained.

Despite the new site and bad weather, the fest still recorded ticket sales of 70,000. It usually sells out its 85,000 capacity.

The acts helping TITP cope with some Scottish weather July 10-12 included KasabianSam SmithThe ProdigyNoel Gallagher’s High Flying BirdsDavid GuettaPaloma FaithRudimental, and The Libertines.