Madge Manila Ticket Mania

The Philippine media continue to report on the cost of tickets for the Manila leg of Madonna‘s Rebel Heart Tour in February of next year. 

According to the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the main reason for the high prices is that the , which holds five times as many people. Had the concerts been set for PA, the prices likely would have been lower.

However, for reasons unexplained, a “new group of promoters” was unable to negotiate for the larger hall. The media had more reason to be critical this last week.

Apparently, some fans have loudly complained of having a hard time purchasing even the pricier presale tickets. Codes necessary to buy the presale tickets became invalidated if the purchaser changed its mind and tried to backtrack on the computer program being used to register the purchases, even before an actual purchase is made. If a purchaser wanted to buy a ticket for a different section, the code immediately became dead, making it impossible to complete the purchase.

Eventually, many who were trying to get tickets had to call the ticketing agency, SM Tickets, directly to correct the problem.

According to news website, some purchasers took four hours to finally get their tickets, and usually that meant going directly to an SM ticket outlet. Some theorized that the computer glitches were caused by too much traffic.

In any event there will be two more chances to purchase presale tickets on the site.