Elite 50 Artists Chart

Pollstar is pleased to announce a new partnership with BuzzAngle Music that will provide new 21st Century data products for professionals in the live concert industry.

The first part of this new deal is the weekly publication of an Elite 50 Artists Chart that measures total music consumption in the U.S. including all physical and digital product sales along with streaming numbers.

All product, not just current releases, by that artist are included in the figures and the total for ranking purposes is based on an album sale equaling 1, 10 song sales equal 1 album, and 1,500 on-demand streams equal 1 album. BuzzAngle Music, which is owned by NYC-based Border City Media, was built on a new, state-of-the-art software platform that provides a real-time data stream and more than 200,000 ways to easily filter or customize the data.

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All of the major physical and digital music retailers in the U.S., along with the top streaming services, are included in the numbers. In the coming weeks, Pollstar will offer a free trial and hugely discounted membership to introduce the Buzz Angle Service to subscribers. There is tremendous decision-making value for talent buyers to see localized demand levels on any act they are considering promoting.

There is no better predictor of potential ticket sales than the degree to which fans are already consuming an act’s music locally whether by physical sales, downloads, or streams.

Two years ago, Pollstar tried to make a similar deal with Nielsen SoundScan but their legacy software platform and archaic pricing structure made it impossible to create a viable product for the concert business.

BuzzAngle, whose executive team includes key people from the early days of SoundScan when it was a new and revolutionary service, understands the need to provide reasonably priced data products.

We look forward to providing the concert industry with yet another tool that will help improve everyone’s bottom line.