Bus Driver Wants Lil’ Wayne To Pay Up

Lil’ Wayne is facing more legal issues for allegedly pulling a gun on his tour bus driver following a performance in New York last year.

Photo: Cheryl Gerber / Invision / AP
Champions Square, New Orleans, La.

Mark Jones sued the rapper in April, claiming that when he pulled the tour bus over near Buffalo to fill up with gas, Wayne became irate and threatened to pistol-whip him.

The suit, which brought forth charges of false imprisonment, assault and emotional distress, also alleged the rapper proceeded to cock the gun, point it at Jones and demand to be driven to his hotel.

Though the matter was settled out of court this summer, Jones has yet to see any of the $75,000 settlement, according to court documents obtained by TMZ. The driver is reportedly seeking interest on the settlement that amounts to almost $900.

Wayne has seen his fair share of court time in recent years and served a year in prison in 2010 after a loaded gun was found on his tour bus.