Corn Palace Lighting Questioned

City officials in Mitchell, S.D., are complaining about lighting on the newly renovated Corn Palace.

Photo: AP Photo / Dirk Lammers
Mitchell, S.D., city officials aren’t happy with new lighting at the recently renovated Corn Palace, saying the LED lights obscure the mural borders.

The trouble apparently lies with bright LED lighting on the borders of the building’s famous corn murals, making the murals hard to see at night.

The city also thinks colored lights under the Corn Palace’s three domes could be brighter. The Corn Palace recently underwent a $7 million renovation that included new domes and lighting, a theater and walk-out balcony above the marquee, and larger murals.

The updates wrapped in the summer. City officials recently voted to install a dimmer switch on the mural lights but haven’t yet decided on what to do with the dome lighting.

Not all locals are pleased with the recent changes to the facility, which some have said now invokes too much of a Las Vegas feel.